Agent Agreement T&C


1. The present Agreement shall be valid for the subscription term mentioned in the agreement. However, the same can be terminated in part or in whole by either party by giving a notice to the other party .


2. Anyone can register as an agent providing KYC details post approval from screening team account will be validated.


3. Cross Cheque should be shared prior to validation.


4. Agent is not allowed to misuse or overdo the application /APP. If found so, will be imposed with substantial legal case.


5. Booking once Confirmed Cannot be cancelled before 24 HRS of confirmations, If cancelled due to reasons like Force Majeure, will be acceptable, otherwise will be panelized in next booking.


6. Any Part from the agent cannot act as Third Party Bridge for Fleet owner & ROADBOT in course of conducting freight operation.


7. Booking once taken for shipment in a fixed location, and if the addresses vary by 5KM, additional freight Rs.50/KM will be charged on the invoiced amount.


8. Load Quantity once specified cannot exceeds it, if found so, the additional amount as per ROADBOT pricing policy will be imposed on invoice amount.


9. Full information of receivers shall be shared for smooth delivery, if such information are found insufficient causing delay in shipment for that detention will not be liable for the ROADBOT/ Freight Owner. Moreover ROADBOT may charge additional detention amount as per ROADBOT Pricing Policy.


10. In any in ordinary additional cost(Loading/unloading),will not be liable to ROADBOT. Such can be done though the mutual understanding of fleet owner or driver.


11. ROADBOT Partner will intimidate from time to time regarding transit Insurance (Marine cargo Insurance) for the underloaded goods from its network Insurance Partners. It is a choice for the consignee to opt for the
same,if such is not opted ROADBOT or Fleet Owner will not be be held responsible.


12. Consignee /Agent is not liable to make any Query regarding advertising made by ROADBOT on its fleets.


13. Payment for an carriage services rendered by service provider on the portal on the portal shall be processed with priority within 7 business days.(on or such longer period may be required on account of Bank holidays or Force Majeure etc.,)of the completion of carriage servives. All payment to agents shall be paid subject to applicable for any amount or penalties due by the services provide to ROADBOT.


14. All confidential data from or of ROADBOT or its Partners are covered under DPA(Data protection Act).


15. In no Case, Any Agent may question the publicity implemented by ROADBOT.


16. TDS if applicable will be deducted as per Income Tax Act.


17. Agent / Consignee is not suppose to entertain any tip or additional amount to the driver due to protest or demand.


18. TP(Transfer Permit)/ challan or other relevant papers should be made readily available on dispatch of the vechiles.


19. Agent/Consignee will pay 75-80% to ROADBOT, which will be readily available by the ROADBOT Team to the consignee/Agent.


20. ROADBOT is liable to make changes in its pricing or restructuring various prices factors on which Agent / Consignee are not suppose to ask question.


21. Code of Conduct:
Agent/Consignee is not liable to say or act unprofessionally to the Fleet Owner, driver or (“Service provided
Employee”)even with ROADBOT Team. If found so, Law suit under Delhi Jurisdiction will be taken on course.