Logistic Partner T&C


1.The present Agreement shall be valid for the subscription term mentioned in the agreement. However, the same can be terminated in part or in whole by either party by giving a notice to the other party .


2. Logistic partner agreement remains valid from starting date365th date of calendar year.


3. We will be using all licenses and assets / inventory for smooth functioning.


4. As decided 20% of the designated profit on per kilometer (KM) app usage basis will be shared with Logistic partner.


5. Logistic partner is not going to interfere in any activities of ROADBOT unless found not complying to his / her business ethics.


6. Without Prior permission of ROADBOT Core Team he will not interfere any agent /fleet owner regarding business operation unless assigned.


7. Logistic partner cannot share any confidential information of ROADBOT to any person or organization.


8. Logistic partner will not do any private work of any person or organization excepts ROADBOT’s in ROADBOT office.


9. Unless assigned Logistic partner will not interfere in any activity of ROADBOT regarding advertising and promotion.


10. If any task has been assigned to the Logistic partner which will be of mutual benefits of both, the Logistic partner is not suppose to deny.


11. All Payments that are to transferred will be made available once the payment is received by ROADBOT and profit is been declared after proper Audit.


12. Cross Cheque should be shared prior to validation.


13. Logistic partner is not allowed to misuse or overdo the application /APP. If found so, will be imposed with substantial legal case.


14. Logistic partner is not liable to make any Query regarding advertising made by ROADBOT on its fleets.


15. All confidential data from or of ROADBOT or its Partners are covered under DPA(Data protection Act).


16. In no Case, Any logistic Patner may question the publicity implemented by ROADBOT.


17. TDS if applicable will be deducted as per Income Tax Act.


18. Logistic partner is not suppose to entertain any tip or additional amount to the driver due to protest or demand.


19. ROADBOT is liable to make changes in its pricing or restructuring various prices factors on which Logistic partner are not suppose to ask question.


20. Code of Conduct:
Logistic partner is not liable to say or act unprofessionally to the Fleet Owner, driver or (“Service provided Employee”)even with ROADBOT Team. If found so, Law suit under Delhi Jurisdiction will be taken on course.